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How to Proceed If A Claim Occurs - What to Expect

What To Expect/How To Proceed If A Claim Or Potential Claim Occurs

Receiving a Claim or a complaint is rarely a pleasant experience. It is stressful and can create feelings of fear, anger, resentment, wishing for retribution, confusion, alarm, uncertainty – or all of the above. Those are not good or productive circumstances for making rash decisions. You want to proceed in a way that is smart, considered, and best protects you - and your client. There are, however, a few “bright line” rules to follow, which will help lead you to calmer waters in which to make the right decisions:

  1. Don’t panic. You will get through this!
  2. Timely report the Claim or potential claim to your insurance carrier and, if applicable, your attorney. Call and ask your carrier if you have any questions or doubts about whether you need to give notice.
  3. Be responsive and a good communicator with your carrier and any appointed defense counsel; and
  4. View your insurance carrier as your business partner (they are effectively that) and work with them to try to resolve any disagreements that may arise.